With Dreams upon my bed thou scarest me and all rightest me with Visions”
- William Blake

Artwork by Francisco Goya

Dense Enigmas from the The Barn Owl Queen.

Ledesma never ceases to engage the most delicate sonic sensibilities.

A mesmerizing drone exercise in poise and craftily practiced restraint in layering and creating beautiful soundscapes. A project worthy of supporting.

The first two track of my upcoming E.P. P├śRTALS.

Exploring the Chaotic Void of the Dreamscape.


Barn Owl - The Long Shadow

The upcoming album of the legendary duo Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras. Behold.

(via moon-zero-deactivated20140129)

A sonorous yet uneasy soundscape, a sonic profile of the Void and our Excursions into the Dreamscape…